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The Inspiration

James DeMuth was first inspired to co-found Seurat in 2009 when he was working at Lawrence Livermore Labs. At the time, he was working on a nuclear fusion energy project, leveraging an extremely powerful laser capable of delivering over 150 trillion watts of power. To withstand the intense fatigue and temperatures of the fusion environment, we found that we needed special alloys that could not be welded but could be 3D printed.

The problem was, neither the 3D metal printers of the time—or even today—could do this. The additive manufacturing process is slow. Roughly, it would take nearly 2 centuries for a single printer to make just one fusion chamber. 

With all metal additive manufacturing processes, print speed and resolution are tightly coupled. Printing parts quickly comes at the price of resolution. Adding more lasers and energy sources creates diminishing returns. 

James and the founding team created Seurat in 2015 to create a future of unlimited scalability by decoupling the parameters of speed and resolution and unlocking access to potentially the full market of conventional manufacturing. And by doing so, Seurat will enable a future that is better for our people and planet. 

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