Decarbonizing Manufacturing

Area Printing is a green replacement for metal castings
We believe that manufacturing can be cost-effective and result in a cleaner future

The only way forward

3D Printing has often been considered a green manufacturing method given that it reduces material waste and can create light-weight parts. Seurat’s Area Printing has the potential to magnify all of these ‘green’ benefits by focusing on high volume production. 


In the US, manufacturing accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of direct carbon emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In Europe the situation is equally dire: the industry emits an annual total of 880 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents making it one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases on the continent. Manufacturing needs to evolve to be smarter and more sustainable for future generations. 

By migrating such a high volume of part production from metal castings to Area Printing, Seurat will be able to positively impact our global net-zero journey. 


Commitment by the numbers

Seurat anticipates displacing up to 0.15 Gt of CO2 with its 2025 system and 2.5 Gt by 2030 as customers ramp up to series production, replacing  designs  previously manufactured through casting. To put this in perspective, displacing 0.15 Gt of CO2 is equivalent to: