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Two million points of light bring high-volume scale to metal AM


Precise laser energy control in time and space provides complete quality control


By melting cleanly, typical part size limits will be overcome


Accuracy and surface finish combine to enable true net-shape processing


// Automotive

The next generation of automotive manufacturing faces unprecedented challenges to meet a market moving rapidly toward electrification. Agile yet resilient supply chains will be needed to respond to changing product needs.  Area Printing brings all the advantages of Additive Manufacturing in a scaleable product that can meet the volume and price demands of the industry, while delivering the quality required for end-use automotive components.

// Consumer Tech

High accuracy with high volume are two attributes not normally associated with metal additive manufacturing. Technical barriers have so far limited the uses of metal AM in Consumer Tech to prototyping and high-end customized solutions.  Area Printing’s two million points of laser light offer micron-scale resolution with massive parallel processing - unlocking the capability to print high volume, net-shape parts without tooling.

Wearable Tech_1_edited.jpg

// Industrial

Area Printing is all about scalability - scaling volume to meet end-use production requirements, but also scaling size, to print the large parts demanded by industrial applications.  Without the spatter and soot typically generated by full-melt metal AM processes, future Area Printing systems will scale to meet industrial-sized challenges head-on

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