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While tools and molds have historically been manufactured through subtractive methods, that process is ripe for disruption by Area Printing. Existing 3D metal printing methods can provide advantages in lead time, quality and design complexity, but only Area Printing can produce all those advantages and be cost-effective.
Area Printing provides the best business case in the 3D metal printing of injection molds, inserts, cores, and other tooling.
“We see the potential Seurat has to revolutionize how businesses like ours can do tooling. Previously, I was doubtful that 3D printing would play a role in production. Now, I am very excited and hopeful for what the future brings for this technology.”


Eva Rhysing

CEO of United Aircraft Technologies 

Consumer Tech

High accuracy with high volume are two attributes not normally associated with metal additive manufacturing. Technical barriers have so far limited the uses of metal AM in Consumer Tech to prototyping and high-end customized solutions.  Area Printing’s two million points of laser light offer micron-scale resolution with massive parallel processing - unlocking the capability to print high volume, net-shape parts without tooling.

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Area Printing is all about scalability - scaling volume to meet end-use production requirements, but also scaling size, to print the large parts demanded by industrial applications.  Without the spatter and soot typically generated by full-melt metal AM processes, future Area Printing systems will scale to meet industrial-sized challenges head-on

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