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National Intern Day 2022: Seurat Interns Represent the Future of Additive Manufacturing

Between inflation, supply chain constraints, and climate change, manufacturing is more challenging than ever. Seurat is on a mission to address these concerns by giving traditional factories a run for their money and sustainably reshore business.

To advance our vision for the future of manufacturing, we’re actively and aggressively expanding our team. In June, Seurat announced that we doubled employee headcount year-over-year, and plan to grow the team to 1,000 employees by 2025.

Seurat is building the next generation of manufacturing and we need more passionate, curious team members to join our mission.

Seurat Celebrates National Intern Day

There is an increasing need to invest in workforce development as demand for additive manufacturing grows. In addition to our current research partnerships with Georgia Tech, Kent State, CalTech, University of Rochester and MIT, we plan on investing in more academic partnerships with Boston-based universities and expand our internship program. This summer, we’ve had the privilege of hosting several interns and it has been incredible to see their contributions and growth. With today being National Intern Day, we’re excited to celebrate their hard work and share a bit more about them. Please meet:

Clay Ursu is an incoming sophomore at the University of Alabama. Clay is a general engineering intern at Seurat with a focus on project management.

When we asked him what he thinks the future of manufacturing looks like, he shared: “Most everything in factories will be automated and I think that every big factory will have an awesome metal part printer in their shop that can print different metals.”

Jack Houle is in his senior year at UMass Lowell and this is his second internship at Seurat! This time he is interning in our controls engineering team.

Jack had this to share: “I believe that additive manufacturing will drastically change how structural components look by opening the gates for parametric design with the ability to manufacture structures and shapes that were never possible with traditional manufacturing techniques.”

University of Maryland student Isaac Rattey is finishing his junior year and is an intern with our process team.

Isaac filled us in on his plans after his internship: “I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for my final semester of undergrad. I am double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, and will be taking classes in both fields at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. After graduating, I want to work with my hands and utilize both my engineering and computer science background.”

We’d like to thank Clay, Jack and Isaac for their exceptional work on behalf of Seurat. In addition to our current interns, we’d like to acknowledge Zoey Davidson, Ph.D who left his post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University to intern at Seurat and quickly converted to a full-time position as a Soft Matter Scientist. We’re also waiting for Brandon Mello to rejoin Seurat after he finishes his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. These interns represent the future of additive manufacturing, and we’re glad to be a part of their journey. You can check out this video to learn about more of Seurat’s Rising Stars.

Seurat Hires First Director Of Recruiting

To help us grow our team, Seurat recently hired its first Director of Recruiting, Gary Bowman. We’re fortunate to have Gary on the team, and he is already playing a critical role in bringing on talented new team members who will have a big hand in our work.

Gary brings more than a decade of experience as a recruiter, including stints at global tech leaders like Meta’s Facebook, and emerging companies like TikTok. We are also extremely grateful for his nearly ten years of service in the U.S. Army.

Seurat is building the next generation of manufacturing, but we can’t do it on our own. We’re looking for passionate team members to help us solve some of the biggest challenges there are, and change the world in the process.

If you appreciate a workplace where you can be yourself, unicorn costume or furry friend included, please check out Careers page – we’d love to hear from you!


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