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Fundraising In A Challenging Environment — 3

Part 3 of 3

Seurat’s Alpha System Printer.  Approximately 8m L x 2.3m W x 2.6m H



Welcome to the final part of our blog series. In this last episode, Anthony Di Paola, our CFO, will explore what comes next at Seurat and share final thoughts for companies starting their fundraising journey.

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What Comes Next

Q: How does your successful Series C round impact recruitment? 

A: Raising $99 million resonates with investors, customers, and with current and potential employees. It's always a challenge to recruit good team members, but we've been extremely successful. We essentially doubled our Workforce in the last 12 months. We've had great growth and continuing to attract the talent to carry out the plan and execute is absolutely critical.  We are attracting talent that has extensive experience in what we are trying to achieve because we’ve been successful in laying the groundwork for an extraordinary outcome as we continue our growth and evolution.


Q: How will the funds from this round be utilized?  

A: The funds will enable us to transition from development to commercialization. We plan to build a pilot plant and manufacturing center, gearing up for revenue generation by the latter half of 2024. This marks a pivotal moment as we expand our operational capabilities.


Q: Are there lessons learned from prior rounds that will influence your approach for future rounds? 

A: Moving forward, we'll focus on showcasing our revenue ramp-up potential to attract new investors. We aim to revisit investors who previously found us too early for investment, emphasizing our progress and growth trajectory.


Q: What advice would you give to mid-sized startups beginning fundraising?

A: There's no magic to it. It's just hard work, taking the investor calls, and making sure you tell the story believably and efficiently.  Having a good story to tell is the most critical thing. Once you get your message out there in a positive way, you'll attract investors. 


Closing Thoughts

As we come to the end of this three-part series, we hope you've found valuable insights to fuel your own fundraising journey. By sharing Seurat's experiences, we aimed to offer practical advice and encouragement for navigating the complexities of securing investment in the current environment. 


Remember, fundraising is as much about storytelling and relationship-building as it is about securing capital. 

For Part 1 of our Fundraising Series, click here. 

For Part 2 of our Fundraising Series, click here. 

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