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Inside Seurat with Subin Shrestha, Ph.D., Senior AM Process Engineer

Welcome to Inside Seurat, where we introduce you to the awesome people on our team that help us achieve our mission of transforming manufacturing for our people and planet.


1. So great to sit down with you, Subin. Can you tell us about your journey to Additive Manufacturing?

Thank you for speaking with me! So I started my engineering career in Nepal, where I am originally from. After earning my degree as a mechanical engineer, I became very focused on cutting edge manufacturing technologies while working for a Japanese company in Nepal. With some experience behind me, I began researching Additive Manufacturing—specifically Laser Powder Bed Fusion—as a possibility for a graduate degree. I quickly determined that the best schools were in the United States and Canada. As I gathered more information, I discovered the person who would become my advisor at the University of Alabama. I applied there soon after and was accepted into their doctoral program. At first, I did not know too much about AM, but I picked up on the processes very quickly.

2. You were promoted to Sr. Engineer in October 2022—how have things changed for you in your current role?

I've mostly transitioned from setting up and running our print processes to now being focused on the design side of our applications—setting up experiments and modeling that will help us achieve the highest part quality. When I completed my program at the University of Alabama, this is exactly the type or work I envisioned being a part of. Joining Seurat made it possible. Having a total understanding of the mechanics of our printer prior to my promotion has really given me a hands-on understanding of the Area Printing process. Since my promotion, we've hired more engineers who've been able to help fill in the role I was performing day-to-day and it's been fun to watch them grow into their role. I offer my technical support whenever they need it.

3. Can you name any accomplishments you'd like to achieve at Seurat in the next two years?

Yes. Achieving fully-dense, defect-free parts is always our team's focus. While also meeting the demands of our customer applications. Ideally, our processes will be so good that we have complete control of our parts on a micro-level. I'm very interested in the science aspect of getting part quality to where it needs to be.


If I find I get frustrated trying to figure something out, someone on my team—if not the whole team—is there to help and encourage me to take more time to get it right.


4. How would you describe the team you work on?

I love the (process) team I work on, a lot. We are all extremely supportive. If I find I get frustrated trying to figure something out, someone on my team—if not the whole team—is there to help and encourage me to take more time to get it right. The inter-department dialogue is also very helpful and awesome.

5. You're an extremely positive person, Subin. And it's contagious. How do you maintain your attitude?

Thank you. Those are kind words. Most of my patience has come from my time during my Ph.D. research. We go through so many trials and failures as doctoral students. I just know that the hard times are not going to be the case all the time. And as engineers, we always find a way in the end. When I hypothesize something, I am aware that it's never going to get the answer you're looking for in one try. It's a process of again, and again... and again. If you believe that something is possible and you have the means to put an effort towards it, it will happen. That's how I approach just about everything.

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