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Seurat Technologies Partners with Siemens Energy to Manufacture 59 Tons of Metal Parts

Seurat to produce critical parts for the energy transition leader

WILMINGTON, MA – (May 2, 2023) Seurat Technologies – the 3D metal printing leader making

manufacturing better for people and the planet – announced an agreement to develop 59 tons of additively manufactured metal components for Siemens Energy turbines. Development will ramp up over a six-year-period for parts meeting the material qualification requirements of Siemens Energy. The initial focus will be on one part family, with the possibility of increasing volumes to include others in the future.

Manufacturing is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 31 percent of emissions. With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continuing to sound the alarm on global warming in its recent report, the manufacturing industry has a significant responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. The Biden Administration is also calling for the reduction of industrial emissions, recently unveiling a $6 billion effort to decarbonize industrial manufacturing and accelerate new technologies critical to a winning climate strategy.

Breakthrough technologies such as Seurat’s Area Printing reimagine manufacturing by enabling 3D printing to be competitive to conventional methods in every way (cost, scale, and quality) while leveraging 100 percent renewable green energy. Siemens Energy uses 3D printing to produce a number of components in instances where it provides a more sustainable process and improved economics.

“Siemens Energy is always looking for innovative technologies that can transform the future while creating a more sustainable world,” said Siemens Energy Head of Venture Building Enrique Gonzales Zanetich. “We’re excited about our future printing high-quality parts with fantastic economies of scale to deliver cost savings. We invested in Seurat Technologies and believe that strengthening our partnership could help to accelerate decarbonization in the industry at scale.”

Siemens Energy has also invested cash in Seurat Technologies through its venture arm, Siemens Energy Ventures. Operating at the intersection of the corporate and startup ecosystems, Siemens Energy Ventures builds, pilots and invests in startups that are developing innovative energy and decarbonization technologies and business models.

“Seurat’s partnership with Siemens Energy is a major milestone for 3D metal printing and our potential to deliver limitless scalability and cost savings,” said Seurat CEO and Co-Founder James DeMuth. “We are proud to be trusted by global leaders who are reimagining manufacturing. Volumes of this order of magnitude significantly move the needle towards greener technologies and unlocking additive manufacturing’s full potential.”

Seurat’s Area Printing can competitively displace some types of traditional manufacturing and reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to waste material, freight, transportation, and warehousing. Seurat anticipates mitigating as much as 100 metric tons of CO2 by 2030 and has validated its carbon footprint forecast according to ISO 14064 standards.

“The metal additive manufacturing market increased by more than 20 percent in 2022 year-over-year and is valued today at about $3.2 billion,” said Dr. Maximilian Munsch, managing partner of strategy consultancy AMPOWER. “The users and suppliers in this market expect success to continue, anticipating similar growth in the coming five years. An important driver is the energy sector. For several years now, the energy industry has efficiently utilized metal 3D printing for the production of turbine components, reaching a high level of maturity. Metal 3D printing has become a crucial enabler technology for innovation to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint throughout the turbine's lifetime. We expect the demand for such components to grow by 26 percent annually.”

“Seurat is a part of an emerging wave of Massachusetts additive manufacturers that are utilizing revolutionary processes, materials, and a world-class workforce to dramatically impact global industries, as shown by this new partnership,” said Christine Nolan, director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing at MassTech, an economic development agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “Companies like Seurat are what makes Massachusetts the top innovation economy and a global leader in advanced manufacturing.”

Last fall, Seurat announced that its pilot factory is fully subscribed and is planning on opening a full-scale production factory to accommodate customer demand. Seurat has raised $91.5 million from investors such as Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund, True Ventures, and Porsche Automobil Holding SE, and has more than 209 patents granted and pending. For behind-the-scenes of Seurat’s printing process, please see here.

About Seurat Technologies

Seurat Technologies is transforming manufacturing for people and our planet. The underlying technology for Seurat was created to solve a manufacturing problem in building an actual fusion power plant based on the architecture at the National Ignition Facility (NIF). Area Printing by Seurat is the next generation of 3D metal printing designed for high-volume, decarbonized industrial production. By decoupling resolution and speed, Seurat is creating a scalable process that can compete with traditional manufacturing in every way. Seurat’s pioneering approach was originally developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Learn more at


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